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525 S Flower St
Ste. 120
Los Angeles, CA90071
Call: 213.228.8998
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Reviews & Posts

La bistecca
"This is 35 ounces (or something obscene like that). One entrée serves four people! It's pan-roasted until the outside of the steak is charred all over and then sliced tableside. I get the bone, which is amazing as well. This is just a super steak."
Pappardelle al Fagiano
"This pasta is rustic yet refined and super delicious. They make all of their own pastas in-house and this one usually stays on the menu. It has morel mushrooms and pieces of braised pheasant in a buttery meat jus that comes together perfectly. They will split it for you so you can try a few different pastas which I totally recommend."
Pasta alla norma
"I love this dish. The eggplant and aged ricotta come together as such a great combination of flavors. It's truly a classic. I also love getting their signature swordfish carpaccio."

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