Pizzeria Mozza

$$$Dessert, Italian, PizzaWest Hollywood
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Mon noon - midnight
Tue noon - midnight
Wed noon - midnight
Thu noon - midnight
Fri noon - midnight
Sat noon - midnight
Sun noon - midnight
641 N. Highland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA90036
Call: 323.297.0101
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Prosciutto di Parma pizza at post.venue.name
Prosciutto di Parma pizza
"The thin crust here reminds me so much of Corsica, where I was living before coming to LA. I love the cold and hot together and the taste of warm prosciutto is fantastic. The freshness of the ingredients and the knowledge of the pizzaiolo makes the quality of this pizza amazing."
Chicken livers bruschette
"I've been asked before about my feelings on restaurants having a 'signature dish.' My response has always been that there's no greater compliment than someone craving a dish so badly they brave LA traffic to get their fix. This bruschette is one of those must-have dishes for me. The liver is dense, rustic, and with texture, not a mousse-y liver. They also drape guanciale over it. To quote some girl, 'I DIE.'"
Chef  reviews Gelato at post.venue.name
"I love everything at Pizzeria Mozza, but I cannot leave without a bowl of the amazing gelato. It has such an unbelievable texture and mouthfeel! With some pine nut cookies, you are done."
Chef  reviews Bacon, salami, & fennel sausage pizza at post.venue.name
Bacon, salami, & fennel sausage pizza
"Nancy, Matt and the team over at Mozza have been so cool to me. I was a fan before all this mayhem started with Kogi, and it still stops me in my tracks when I get this pizza made of bacon, salami, fennel sausage and guanciale hot out of the oven."