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Reviews & Posts

Chef Michelle Bernstein reviews Crepe soufflé w/ passion fruit sauce at
"It’s ridiculous. For a girl who never orders crêpes or passion fruit anything, this dessert has won me over. I order it again and again and again."
Chef Adrianne Calvo reviews Seafood platter at
"The Seafood Tower is ridiculous—in a good way. It's not just your run-of-the-mill shrimp, oyster, and lobster. They add scallops, clams, and sea urchin, and it comes with several sauces and toppings. Wow, what an assortment. It blew my mind! BLT is so much more than a modern steakhouse. It’s comfortable, cool, and chic."
Chef Todd Erickson reviews Chopped vegetable salad with shrimp at
"This is a really delicious salad made with sweet corn, radish, feta and an oregano vinaigrette. Make sure to order it with shrimp. Their sushi rolls are great, too, and I particularly enjoy the spicy tuna with puffed wild rice and the hamachi with serrano pepper and kalamansi sauce. This is my go-to spot for well-executed, classic dishes on the beach."
Chef Antonio Bachour reviews Beefsteak tomato salad at
"This place has a great vibe. I love the grilled onion vinaigrette they use on this salad, and the Stilton cheese really puts it over the top!"
Chef Dena Marino reviews Gruyère popovers at
"You can’t just have one popover—they are heavenly. They serve it at the beginning of your meal on the house."
Chef Cindy Hutson reviews Prime cut rib eye at
"Perfectly cooked steak and all of its sides are kicked up a bit more than what regular steakhouses usually serve. For example, the creamed spinach side is topped with fried shallots."

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