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430 Dauphine St
New Orleans, LA70112-3406
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Reviews & Posts

Chef David Slater reviews Cream of garlic soup at
"This soup is one of my favorite dishes in New Orleans. It’s a very humble dish, but Susan makes it really well and it’s always consistent. Enjoy it on the patio when it’s cooler outside."
Chef Alex Harrell reviews Grilled shrimp w/ black bean cake at
"Gulf shrimp are always really, really sweet, and you get a little bit of smoke flavor from the grill. They are served with a black bean cake which is really smooth and velvety, but since it's pan-seared, it has a nice, crispy outer layer so there is a lot of contrast in textures when you eat it with the shrimp. The coriander gives it a citrus overtone, even a little bit of a floral touch, which really pulls the shrimp together with the creaminess of the black beans."
Chef Richard Papier reviews Veal sweet breads with sherry mustard butter at
"The first time I ever had sweet breads, it was here, and I have never had any better ones since. They are so delicate and crispy, and the sherry butter tangy creaminess is a perfect match. Editor's note: the dish can also be served with lemon caper butter."
Chef Tenney Flynn reviews Smoked duck "PB & J" at
"I recommend the grilled duck sandwich with cashew butter, pepper jelly, and apple slaw. This is just a wonderful combination of ingredients. I love the combination of sloppy, sweet, tart, hot, smoky, and meaty. It’s really the perfect sandwich."
Chef Leah Chase reviews Grilled duck breast at
"I am a duck person, so I am always looking for a good duck. Chef Spicer does her duck very well. It is a very tender duck breast, and she puts some pepper jelly glaze on it and serves it with wild rice."

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