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617 Piety St
New Orleans, LA70117
Call: 504.676.8482
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Clams and linguine at
Clams and linguine
"These guys are known for their pizza, and deservedly so. It's great. But I like to branch out and try some of their special pastas. My favorite has been the clams and linguine. The pasta is always perfect and the clams are cooked with garlic, pancetta, parsley and wine. So much flavor."
Chef  reviews Pepperoni pizza at
Pepperoni pizza
"The crispy crust and top quality ingredients make this my favorite pizza in New Orleans. It doesn't hurt that is located across the street from my house!"
Chef  reviews Garlic sautéed mushroom & pancetta pizza at
Garlic sautéed mushroom & pancetta pizza
"With mushrooms and pancetta, this is more of a specialty kind of pizza. They use quality ingredients like really nice meats from Stein’s Deli, and they make the pizzas with love. The slices are big and the crusts are really crunchy with a good crisp to them. There are times where you'll have a pizza, and by the time you get to the crust, you think, 'Maybe I don't really want the crust.' But with this one, you will really need and want the crust because it is so rich and really that good."
Chef  reviews Peppadew & arugula pizza at
Peppadew & arugula pizza
"Their peppadew and arugula pizza knocks it out of the park. The combination of toppings is great and it has a very good New York-style thin crust. The arugula salad on top is very good to eat, too."

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