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14367 Chef Menteur Hwy
New Orleans, LA70126
Call: 504.254.3929


Reviews & Posts

Chef Erick Loos reviews Phở bò at
"The phở bò here is the best in the greater New Orleans area. It's very hot and rich with a broth that soothes your soul. All the herbs taste like they came right out of the garden, resulting in a fresh and bright soup. I always get the large 'cause I can’t get enough of it."
Chef Allen Nguyen reviews Pho Nam Bo Vien at
"Vietnamese beef brisket and meatball noodle soup. The perfect breakfast/hangover cure that a guy can ask for! Savory, herbaceous, and delicious.. This soup goes down easy and warms your soul. Plus they load it up with pounds of brisket and meatballs!"
Chef Alon Shaya reviews #5 phở bò at
"I get the large #5 which comes with rare flank, brisket, tendon, tripe, and meatballs. Tear up some basil and bean sprouts, add slices of jalapeño peppers, and then squirt in some lime juice, Sriracha chili, and hoisin sauce. Their beef broth is rich and flavorful, and it's always a light and healthy meal. It's cheap, too!"

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