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Reviews & Posts

Dry & sautéed string beans
"Make sure to order yours with pork. These blistered green beans are one giant umami bomb, with much of the flavor coming from the dried shrimp and pork. You can almost get away with saying you're eating vegetables."
Chef  reviews Double cooked pork at
Double cooked pork
"Luckily there are several Grand Sichuans in the city and all of them have twice cooked pork on the menu. What's even better is that they are all delicious. Look out for the spice from the green chilies and enjoy the lingering, bizarre effects from the Sichuan peppercorns."
Sichuan hot pot
"The Sichuan hot pot at here (I like the one in Chinatown) is no-joke spicy. There are about 50 different ingredients put into the pot and it comes with about 10 different sauces. It’s fun to order when you have a big group, which really enhances the experience, not to mention that it’s also very tasty."
Chef  reviews Gui zhou chicken at
Gui zhou chicken
"My wife, Jenn, used to work in an art gallery in Chelsea and on her lunch break, she’d stop and order this. Now she works in a different neighborhood, but we find ourselves returning to this outpost to order this again and again."

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