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28 Bowery
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Baby pig on rice at
Baby pig on rice
"I always eat the suckling baby pig at NY Noodletown when I can get into the city. It's crispy and salty, and I eat it over rice with some of their chili sauce or a little scallion ginger sauce."
Shredded roast duck w/ flowering chives
"I love the crunchy garlic chives mixed with the tenderness of the duck; it is simple, but really great. A plate of this with a bowl of rice and some of their chili sauce definitely completes my Chinese food cravings. It’s an absolute Chinatown staple that everyone must try."
Chef  reviews Roast pig on rice at
Roast pig on rice
"This place has amazing roast pig. Their oven is enormous and they roast whole pigs and ducks until the skin cracks like broken glass. This is a great, late-night spot in Chinatown for all porcine cravings."

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