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Reviews & Posts

Chef Tien Ho reviews Smoked cashew salsa at
"It's too hard to say which taco is my favorite, so I’ll skip that debate. However, their dips are amazing, especially the smoked cashew. It's smoky, salty, slightly sweet, creamy, and served with crispy tortilla chips. It’s a perfect start to a meal."
Chef Gavin Kaysen reviews Beer braised tongue taco at
"Chef Alex Stupak is a genius with pastries, and now he is a genius with Mexican food. It is my go-to restaurant when I am in the West Village. Get the tongue taco with potatoes and arbol chile salsa."
Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten reviews Queso fundido shishito peppers at
"These fried shishito peppers served with melted Chihuahua cheese on a warm tortilla are creamy and spicy. They also go perfectly well with a margarita, so make sure to order one."
Chef Bryce Shuman reviews Queso fundido at
"Alex Stupak’s homage to traditional Mexican cuisine continues to demonstrate that great ingredients prepared well transcends any demographic boundaries. The Taqueria is both fun and delicious."
Chef Dan Kluger reviews Chicharrones w/ salsa veracruz at
"I know just how much work these can be, which is why I can’t believe what an amazing job the chef did. It was like having edible bubble wrap with a bunch of great salsas!"

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