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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Tourte de pintade aux champignons at
Tourte de pintade aux champignons
"Prepared en croute from guinea hen, pork, and foie gras, this remarkable terrine will have you singing "La Marseillaise"—it’s so sumptuous! The charcuterie of Gilles Verot transports you to Paris from your first taste and leaves you with memories of the most perfect pâtés and terrines in New York."
Chef  reviews Pâté Grand-mère at
Pâté Grand-mère
"This reminds me of something that you’d make at a farm in France. It’s very rustic, unlike most of Daniel’s dishes—they tend to do classic dishes here. The texture is amazingly soft and you get to taste all of these different offals. It’s very refined, in a way that only Daniel can do it."
Chef  reviews Charcuterie board at
Charcuterie board
"I was trained in Paris in the '70s, and terrines, tête de veau, and jambon de Paris were taken for granted. Daniel has revitalized these venerable delicacies, modernizing them while remaining true to tradition. This charcuterie board is a work of genius!"
"I don’t often order dessert, but at Bar Boulud, it wouldn’t be a complete meal without it. I get the figaccio (available in the fall), which is spiced figs with coconut mousse and fig ice cream. I don’t know how to describe it aside from stupidly saying it's mind-blowing."

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