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Wed noon - 11:00 pm
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Fri noon - 11:30 pm
Sat 1:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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210 E 9th St
New York, NY10003
Call: 212.473.3327
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Shaun Hergatt reviews Blowfish at
"What a surprise—I'm eating at my local spot and they have fugu! It's so rich and delicious, but I saw a lot of people ordered it so I'm not sure how long it will be in the restaurant. Editor's note: Make sure to call ahead to check on its availability."
Chef Shaun Hergatt reviews Uni tororo at
"My man Nobu! He is an excellent sushi chef and a great friend. I love his food so much especially the fresh sea urchin and grated mountain yam."
Chef Shaun Hergatt reviews Omakase at
"I come here weekly just to sit at the bar and order the chef's best omakase. It is always incredibly fresh, and that's important for texture and taste. The sushi chef always serves the highest quality fish, and I like being surprise each time I have one of his selections."
Chef Shaun Hergatt reviews Sashimi at
"My fave! Go and try this restaurant, the chef is great. It's a very humble place but one of the best."
Chef Danny Bowien reviews Kaisen don at
"Hasaki is a solid all-around Japanese restaurant. The sushi is amazing, but so are the cooked dishes. I like to get the kaisen don, which is mix of the chef's best sashimi over rice."
Chef Shaun Hergatt reviews Crab head brains in nori and sushi rice!! OMG at
"This is not for the person who like simple sushi! It's creamy crabby and the umami is just one of a kind.. Not the first time I eat this and it won't be the last! Outstanding... Thank you Mory San"
Chef Shaun Hergatt reviews Herring roe nigiri at
"This has a special and very unique flavor profile, and most of all, the texture is very interesting."
Chef Nick Anderer reviews Roasted striped jack head at
"If I see roasted fish head on a menu, I jump at it. My East Village standby, Hasaki, serves them on the reg, and the Striped Jack is one of the more delicious ones I’ve ever tasted. There’s something really enticing about all the succulent meat stuck in the crevices of a fish head and collar bones, and these are always perfectly salted, perfectly roasted, and sprinkled with a squeeze of lemon. I attack with my 'ohashi' (chopsticks) and then, when it’s time to finish it off, with my hands. "
Chef Shaun Hergatt reviews Ika natto at
"This dish of natto and raw calamari is sticky, gooey, and really smelly!"