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44 Bedford St
New York, NY10014
Call: 212.414.8884
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Chicken wings at
Chicken wings
"I believe these wings are made with Frank's RedHot, butter, red wine vinegar, honey, and tomato sauce. I really dig this recipe. It also comes with Buffalo-style sweet and sour honey mustard. I like to drink at Daddy-O, too. There are always pretty girls there and Phil is not only an awesome dude, but a great friend."
Chef  reviews Bacon-cheddar burger at
Bacon-cheddar burger
"This is a perfectly executed burger served unexpectedly at a bar. The bun is nicely toasted, the burger is the exact temperature you order it and the condiments are fresh. Most importantly, it's served til 4 a.m.!"

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