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Reviews & Posts

Chef Eddie Huang reviews Pan fried noodles w/ seafood at
"This was one of my favorite dishes as a kid. Every restaurant has a version, but I like Congee's best. The noodles aren't overly dry and starchy, and they have a good oil slick but not too much. Add some fresh seafood with vegetables and a little white pepper on top and you've got a great meal."
Chef Bruce Bromberg reviews Sliced conch w/ ginger & scallion at
"The conch is so fresh and clean tasting. It has great texture that balances perfectly with the ginger and scallion but doesn’t overpower it, so you can still taste the real essence of the sweetness from the conch."
Chef Nick Anderer reviews Sautéed razor clams w/ black bean sauce at
"This is one of my favorite clam dishes of all time. Salty, garlicky black bean sauce shrouds a pile of sautéed razor clams. With a little bit of spice in the dish (you can add more with the chili paste on the table), it goes really well with some cold beer and steamed white rice. These clams are super craveable, and I order them every time I go to this Lower East Side Chinese Disneyland."
Chef Leah Cohen reviews House special chicken at
"It's offered as a whole or half chicken and is cooked to perfection with super crispy skin and juicy, flavorful meat. The sauce pooled on the plate really makes this dish a home run. It's a soy-based sauce with heavy amounts of crispy garlic and scallions. "

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