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Chef  reviews Peekytoe crab at
Peekytoe crab
"I'm unsure how they make these, but crab cakes typically have breadcrumbs both in and around them, and these don't seem to have any. They are 100% crab, super soft, perfectly formed, hot, and succulent. I love the use of Peruvian and Mexican flavors in the dish as well, particularly the tequila-infused guacamole."
Chef  reviews Caviar-wagyu at
"Nebraska wagyu beef, langoustine and Osetra caviar tartare with a black pepper-vodka crème fraîche, and a pomme guafrette. This dish, which is found on chef Eric Ripert's prix fixe menu, is sexy as hell."
Turbot w/ wild mushrooms
"Chef Eric Ripert of this four-star institution is God when it comes to preparing fish and understands the subtle flavors that need to go with it. His poached turbot with wild mushrooms is a great example of this."