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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Pollo alla diavola at
Pollo alla diavola
"Nick Anderer got this recipe from his mom. The braised meat with skin still intact is smothered with the sauce and nestled in soft polenta. This is luxury dining with inexpensive ingredients. Not many people can convey love and insight through cooking like Nick can."
Tripe in tomatoes and chillie
"Simply delicious...I finally ate tripe that didn't have a stinky intense flavor. My childhood nightmares of eating tripe have been a huge deterrent of getting into that soft weird food, but the acidity and balance of the tomato sauce and chili was the perfect way to reverse that."
Chef  reviews Cacio e Pepe eggs at
Cacio e Pepe eggs
"I love going here for Sunday brunch. I sit at the bar, read the paper, and have these soft scrambled eggs loaded with Pecorino and black pepper. It's a take on the classic pasta dish when you just don't want the carbs."

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