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357 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY10014
Call: 212.414.3088
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Reviews & Posts

Anago uni
"This dish of broiled sea eel under a caramelized purée of uni and shiitake. It's full of uni flavor that matches up perfectly with the buttery, soft texture of the eel and the earthiness of the shiitake. This dish is genius! Make sure to order it if the chef has it on his menu that day."
Chef  reviews Uni & yuba at
Uni & yuba
"When it comes to sea urchin, Soto is a master. This dish combines silky yuba (tofu skin) with delicious, briny Santa Barbara sea urchin. I could eat this every day, morning, noon, and night."
Uni tempura
"Plain and simple, Sotohiro Kosugi is a genius. This is a real treat. He takes some of the freshest sea urchin I've ever had and fries it with this tempura batter that is just ultra crispy and perfectly light. Fresh sea urchin by itself is amazing, and anything fried is amazing, so naturally, the tempura sea urchin is amazingly amazing."
Chef  reviews Anything w/ sushi rice at
Anything w/ sushi rice
"It’s hard to stand out in the crowded field of sushi restaurants in Manhattan. I’m more of a sucker for sushi rice than the sushi-grade seafood that adorns it, because all the Japanese masters in this city get their hands on equally impressive fish. It's that perfect temperature of the rice—almost the same as body temperature, with hints of rice wine vinegar, a little sweetness, and the taste and texture of every barely sticky grain—that only the best places can pull off."
Chef  reviews Omakase at
"I love going to Soto for sushi because he cuts fish impeccably well. I visit there whenever I can. I always order omakase and just let him go."

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