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Chef  reviews Banoffee pie at
Banoffee pie
"The vibe at The Spotted Pig can be a total bummer, but the food is spot-on, especially the vegetable salads (incredible!) and this amazing dessert, so I recommend going for lunch before it gets all 'scene-y' and you want to kill yourself. This pie is alternating layers of dulce de leche, pastry cream, sliced bananas, and whipped cream in a sucre shell, all served as a slice. It is, hands down, the best, most perfect dessert I've ever eaten in New York City. April Bloomfield is a genius."
Plate of five vegetables
"We all know April [Bloomfield] is a meat master and fish whiz, but when a few other chefs and I traveled to Mongolia last year with her, we called her the vegetable whisperer. Don't miss this at her buzzy West Village gastropub."

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