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17 W 26th St.
New York, NY10010
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Hooni Kim reviews Oysters at
"They are always perfectly shucked and there’s never a piece of shell inside. They only sell one type of oyster—whatever’s best at the moment, with a French Mignonette. It’s a classic, perfect tray of oysters. People are eating oysters lots of different ways right now, but when I’m in the mood for oysters I go here."
Chef Abram Bissell reviews Crispy grits at
"These grits do a phenomenal job of stirring up my memories of the South. The textures are well-balanced, from the crispiness of the grits to the smooth and velvety consistency of the butter. Named after the birthplace of bourbon, Maysville boasts a notable bourbon selection that manages to find its way into the aioli of this dish. In addition to being a fan of this dish, it also feels good to support Gramercy Tavern alum Chef Kyle Knall."

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