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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews 10-hour pork "kakuni" at
10-hour pork "kakuni"
"Served over congee, this braised pork belly is rich in porky flavor with undertones of dashi and soy. The intense flavor covers the plain congee, a delicious pairing! It's my favorite pork belly dish of all time."
Ume-shiso-cucumber roll
"These two powerful yet haunting flavors take me right back to our experiences in Japan. Many Japanese restaurants attempt this roll and fail miserably, but Morimoto strikes a perfect balance of this intense herb and pickled plum paste."
Chef  reviews Yosedofu at
"Your server literally makes the tofu at your table. They bring over this milky colored liquid then add nigari—a saltwater reduction rich in magnesium chloride that eventually causes the liquid to firm up—and you’re left with something delicious that has such a silky texture. Cool to eat, but even cooler to watch it being made."
Chef  reviews Sashimi at
"At Iron Chef Morimoto's temple, you have to sit at the sushi bar and just submit to the chefs. I always get a mix of sashimi. My favorites are sea urchin (sooo sweet) and the two kinds of tuna belly. I always order a couple of portions of barbecued eel, too. I know it's not technically sashimi, but I love it!"

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