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Chef  reviews The Schmitter at
The Schmitter
"This monster sandwich is reason enough for a Mets fan to go to the Phillies ballpark! It's loaded with grilled salami, steak, tomatoes, cheese, fried onions, and a 'special sauce' on a Kaiser roll. Not baseball season? You can also get a Schmitter at McNally's original location in Chestnut Hill."
The Tobias
"This is a secret menu item, but everyone knows it by name. It's better than the famed smitter and oh my just what you need after a few beers or a full night of them. **insider tip: The famous "smitter" is a grilled meat and cheese sandwich. ask for the Tobias when dining here. The name comes from an old frequent customer that loved pepperoni and always came and ordered the smitter add double pepperoni.**"

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