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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Beef & tripe in chili oil at
Beef & tripe in chili oil
"This dish is cold and super spicy. The first time I ordered it, the server warned me, 'This is too hot for most of our Chinese clientele.' I took it as a challenge, and it was! This is spicy and challenging for most due to the fact that most people don't like tripe, but for the spicy and/or adventurous food lover, it is awesome. It has great texture, salt, and spice, so don’t be such a wuss and go eat it!"
Chef  reviews Cumin style lamb at
Cumin style lamb
"The food here can be really spicy, but the flavors are deep and not all heat. Just about every dish here is pretty addicting, but this one is one of my favorites. Quickly sautéed slices of lamb are coated in ground cumin with some chilies. I order this every time I eat there."
Chef  reviews Pickled chili style tofu at
Pickled chili style tofu
"Considering all the amazing things on the menu at Han Dynasty, their soft tofu with pickled chilies stands out with its perfect balance of heat and flavor. It's kick-ass spicy (as it should be) without being a shallow, one-note burn."
Chef  reviews Garlic sauce-style pork at
Garlic sauce-style pork
"This dish is all about the complex and startling contrast of textures: tender shredded pork, crunchy shreds of bamboo shoots, sharp ginger, and the softer snap of wood-ear mushrooms. It's hot and smoky-sweet, otherworldly, and complex. Tip: It should be preceded by the dumplings in chili oil!"
Chef  reviews Dan dan noodles at
Dan dan noodles
"I love the sweet and sour flavor of the pork tossed through the thin Chinese noodles at Han Dynasty. Plus, owner Han Chiang is always fun to hang out with!"
Chef  reviews Dry pepper style fish at
Dry pepper style fish
"Han has the best Chinese food outside of Chinatown. I love the dry spice preparation, and I think the fish is the best with it. It’s flash-fried and tossed with long hot and dry chili peppers. And they’re not kidding—this stuff is spicy!"

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