Kanella: Greek Cypriot Kitchen

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"This comforting Cypriot soup is one of my favorite things at Kanella. It comes with orzo pasta in tomatoes, lots of herbs and spices, yogurt, and pastirma, which is a Middle Eastern air-dried cured beef."
Grilled lamb kofta
"Chef-owner Konstantinos Pitsillides' cooking is some of the most soulful in the city. This dish, featuring grilled spiced ground lamb kebabs with a refreshing pomegranate salad, is a perfect example of great ingredients not messed with."
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Cyprus plate
"The fantastic Cyprus Plate at breezy, blue-and-white BYOB Kanella offers unique freshness and variety: halloumi, sheftali, grilled mushrooms, olives, pita and tzatziki. It feels healthy, and also leaves room for you to order the fried haloumi."
"This dish isn't always on the menu, but be sure to order it when you see it. It has tremendous flavor and a completely unique texture."

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