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Reviews & Posts

Chef Marshall Green reviews Phở tái chín (#46) at
"The beef noodle soups at Pho & Cafe Viet Huong are numbered 42 to 52, with increasing numbers for increasingly adventurous eaters. I love the #46 with beef eye round and brisket in a light, aromatic broth. The combination of textures between the crunchy sprouts, chewy beef and tender noodles is perfect, and if you put enough sambal paste in it you'll sweat your butt off."
Chef Jon Cichon reviews Phở tái gai (#48) at
"A good bowl of phở is one of the most refreshing things to eat anytime of year. This one contains fatty beef brisket and beef eye round. This is a super cheap, one-bowl meal."
Chef Jason Cichonski reviews Bún gà nướng (#62) at
"Phở is my all-time favorite comfort food, and Viet Huong is my favorite place to eat it. I get the #62 (vermicelli and charbroiled chicken) for breakfast at least twice a week. For lunch, I add a fried egg or two to a #46 and a bunch of Vietnamese pickles."

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