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Reviews & Posts

Chef Mike Stollenwerk reviews Crispy shrimp rolls at
"I love these bad boys so much, I get the Sang Kee duckman to deliver them to Fish as a pre-service snack. They're 100% shrimp, no filler, like an egg roll shell but wrapped around all shrimp. Ask for extra spicy mustard."
Chef Marshall Green reviews Roasted pork wonton noodle soup at
"My first exposure to Chinatown was Joe's Peking Duck House and their duck wonton soup. While tragically they're not around any more, Sang Kee now holds that place in my heart. Perfect wontons and great broth."
Chef Shane Solomon reviews Peking Duck dinner at
"This isn't the only place to go for Peking Duck in Philly, it's the ONLY place for Peking Duck. Ordered in whole or half portions and served in courses, it's one of the all-time greatest dishes, and this Chinatown institution makes the best."

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