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1001 Race St
Philadelphia, PA19107
Call: 215.627.2610


Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Congee at
"When the weather starts to chill, this is the ultimate thing I crave to warm me up. I go here a lot with my staff when we’ve got the munchies after a long night at work. The congee is the best in the city, perfectly seasoned and delicious. I also love the crispy salt and pepper shrimp."
Barbecued pork spare ribs
"Always an adventure, this Chinatown haunt is open late, has great food, and serves cheap drinks. The sweet and salty ribs are nicely charred and perfectly tender while still clinging to the bone. A little plum sauce at the table rounds it out for me."
Vegetarian lo mein
"The savory ginger and scallion sauce tossed through thin lo mein noodles is reason enough to go to David's, a popular chefs' haunt in Chinatown. I also love their pork dumplings."
Steamed dumplings
"You may feel like you just stepped out of a Heineken commercial, but David's is the real deal in a part of town that often gets overlooked. I always get the steamed dumplings. They're light, fresh, and best of all, served 'til late."

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