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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Broccoli rabe at
Broccoli rabe
"I could eat a ton of this and possibly not offend anyone with my breath, because the garlic is shaved so thinly that it practically melts. The ricotta salata in there gives it a salty tang."
Chef  reviews Zucchini pizza at
Zucchini pizza
"Stella is easily the most accessible 'higher-end' pizza joint in the city, and the special pies are always the best ones to order. I love this one, featuring sweet zucchini on a cloud of ricotta laced with red onions."
Chef  reviews Tartufo pizza at
Tartufo pizza
"Stella bakes the best pizzas in Philly. They're nice and crisp with a slight char, yet still doughy. The pizzas are absolute perfection and also have a great variety in flavors. It's impossible to pick just one, but If I had to, it would be the Tartufo pizza as it has truffle and eggs, two things that I love. You can smell the pizza wafting through the restaurant before you see it! The yolk is still nice and runny, and you get to stir this in with the fontina cheese. It's just a great pizza."
Chef  reviews Pepperoni pizza at
Pepperoni pizza
"I loooove the pepperoni pizza at Stella! The flavor is so amazing because they use Abruzzese pepperoni, which is smaller and more intense than pepperoni we are used to. The flavors are so well-balanced and are harmonious with the spicy, porky pepperoni, aromatic oregano, and sweet and tangy tomato sauce. The perfectly charred crust is crisp yet chewy and always tender. I get it everytime I go."
Pancetta pizza
"The pastas are underrated and the octopus salad is always on point, but the pancetta with crispy Tuscan kale pie is my favorite order here. It's super rustic and delicious, and the best pizza in the city."

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