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237 Saint James Pl
Philadelphia, PA19106
Call: 215.625.8800
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Crispy haloumi at
Crispy haloumi
"This dish changes seasonally but Mike Solomonov always serves it in some form. Crispy and seared on the outside and hot and gooey on the inside, it's always on point! It has a perfect combination of textures without manipulating the ingredients."
Chef  reviews Salatim at
"This appetizer is an assortment of vegetables and salads. There are so many great things here, like pickled cucumbers, tabouleh, a beet salad, and more. This is a great example of what you can do with summer vegetables."
Chef  reviews Hummus-masbacha at
"Mike Solomonov makes the best hummus outside Israel. His tahini and chickpea purée at Zahav is extra creamy and served with made-to-order laffa, an Iraqi flatbread."
Chef  reviews Grilled duck hearts at
Grilled duck hearts
"Chef Mike Solomonov can give me the 'wow' effect that I crave and rarely get elsewhere. His skewered grilled duck heart over caramelized onion purée has so much flavor from its marinade, which includes onion juice, garlic and baharat, Turkey's version of pumpkin pie spice."
Chef  reviews Mesibah at
"This is my favorite restaurant and the mesibah is the best way to dine with a group of friends. You get all of the hits including hummus and salatims. Then to top it off, you get to finish with the roasted lamb shoulder."
Chef  reviews Hummus-tehina at
"I just love being in Zahav. Sitting down and starting the meal with something as buttery and smooth as Mike Solomonov's hummus with warm laffa is the perfect beginning to a meal that is always delicious."
Chef  reviews Hummus-foul at
"Mike Solomonov makes several types of hummus at his awesome Israeli restaurant, Zahav. My favorite is the fava bean one, laced with brown butter and served with baked-to-order flatbread."
Chef  reviews Fried cauliflower at
Fried cauliflower
"Michael Solomonov's highly addictive cauliflower is the essence of elegant simplicity. It's just raw, deep-fried cauliflower, so good I stole it for my menu with a different sauce. I told Michael one day when he came in for Korean tacos. He just laughed."