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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Fried chicken at
Fried chicken
"This is my favorite fried chicken—don’t let the 20 minute wait disclaimer discourage you. It has a peppery, crispy crust and unbelievably juicy meat and comes with two sides. Also, they serve it with an array of house-made bbq sauces: KC, Carolina and W. Virginia styles. There's Crystal Hot Sauce, too."
Smoked cheddar fries
"I love Khyber's Southern version of Quebec's poutine. It's so addictive, dressed with smoked Cheddar cheese, debris gravy, and bacon. With a few beers from their excellent tap list, you can't go wrong."
Chef  reviews Surf 'n' turf po' boy at
Surf 'n' turf po' boy
"I love this sandwich. It's full of roast beef, debris gravy, and fried shrimp on a real New Orleans roll. Believe it or not, it's better than most po’ boys in NOLA."

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