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1608 Sansom St
Philadelphia, PA19103
Call: 215.557.9830
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Dol sot bimimbop at
Dol sot bimimbop
"This is a giant, ripping-hot bowl of food. I usually get it with brown rice and tofu to keep with the veggie theme, but the meat offerings are tasty, as well. The best bits are the rice that get all crispy on the bottom of the stone bowl. Do like me and douse the whole thing in gochujang, the spicy red pepper paste."
Chef  reviews Giwa taco at
Giwa taco
"Sometimes I go to this small Korean place for lunch before work. The tacos are small, so you have to get two. They come with either chicken or beef, pickled veggies, and gochujang (spicy Korean chile sauce). They also have really good bibimbop."

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