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1122 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, PA19147
Call: 215.271.5866


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Chef  reviews Phở tái, gầu (#10) at
Phở tái, gầu (#10)
"If I’m going to eat brisket that isn’t barbecued, it’s Pho 75's joined with eye-round in a warm broth with lots sriracha. It hits the spot every time, and you never know who you'll run into at this industry favorite! I see at least one chef-friend every time I’m there, which is typically once a week."
Chef  reviews Phở tái (#15) at
Phở tái (#15)
"This roaring phở parlor in Wing What Plaza is the chefs' favorite spot for Vietnamese noodle soup. The broth is flavorful, and the eye round is sliced super thin. I add Thai basil, chilies, lemon, and bean sprouts. What could be better? Maybe ending with the Vietnamese coffee!"
Chef  reviews Phở tái, sách (#14) at
Phở tái, sách (#14)
"The pieces of tripe and eye round come together perfectly and the broth at Pho 75 is always delicious. The noodles are always consistently great, and the service is ridiculously nonchalant, which I love. Ask for it 'meat on top,' so it doesn't overcook."

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