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951 Wolf St
Philadelphia, PA19148
Call: 215.551.1245
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Chef  reviews Tacos de lengua at
Tacos de lengua
"These are great tacos in general, but their tongue tacos are hands down the best tongue tacos in Philadelphia. The whole menu is great as well, and the owner Luz is constantly improving the food here, so it just keeps getting better."
Chorizo torta
"The Mexican food served in the back of this tiny South Philly grocery is so good, especially the torta filled with spicy ground chorizo, avocado, beans, Mexican string cheese, and mayo, all piled on soft Mexican bread. I love Los Gallos so much, I bought 300 tacos from them for my son's first birthday party."
Chef  reviews Tacos al pastor at
Tacos al pastor
"Why this unassuming Mexican grocery store with a smattering of tables in the back? Because the pork-and-pineapple tacos (get them with salsa verde) from Los Gallos are being eaten in half the kitchens by cooks and chefs in Philadelphia right now."

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