18 NW 4th Ave
Portland, OR97209
Call: 503.223.3838


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Dumpling soup
"Get the large dumpling soup with vegetables and a side of gai lan. These shrimp and pork dumplings with Chinese mushrooms have great texture and some warming spice—the real deal."
Chef  reviews Dumpling rice stick soup at post.venue.name
Dumpling rice stick soup
"They do the best barbecue duck and pork in town, but the secret is to order the 'dumpling' noodle soup instead of the wonton noodle soup. This is also a good place for a porridge breakfast. Note, this dish is not found on the menu, but can be verbally ordered."
Chef  reviews Wonton noodle soup at post.venue.name
Wonton noodle soup
"I get it with roast pork, which is my favorite chunk of pork in town: perfectly crisp skin with a bit of anise. The broth and dumplings are perfectly seasoned and cooked as well. I have been eating this for a decade straight now and it always kills me."

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