Aybla Grill

$Food Truck, MediterraneanDowntown, Southwest Portland
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310 SW 5th Ave
Portland, OR97204
Call: 503.222.1531
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Ben Bettinger reviews Super lamb gyro at
"First of all, I'm not really into the food cart trend, but the lamb in this gyro tastes way better than any other in town. Plus, if you're walking around downtown (or just hungover) this is going to make your day."
Chef Jason Barwikowski reviews Falafel sandwich at
"When I was the chef at Clyde Common, I'd always go here and get the super gyro or the falafel sandwich, but the falafel are especially good. They are made really well—light and crispy. It's the perfect street food, because they don't use too much sauce, just enough. This was my first intro to food carts in Portland, one of the originals."

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