Binh Minh Bakery

$Deli/Sandwich Shop, AsianSouth Tabor, Southeast Portland
7821 SE. Powell Blvd.
Portland, OR97206
Call: 503.777.2245


Reviews & Posts

Chef Maya Lovelace reviews  at
Mi Bo Kho
"This is one of my favorite neighborhood spots. The banh mi are dope, the people are nice, and it's super low-key. This soup is awesome with braised beef, carrots, raw onion, and perfect egg noodles swimming in a thick broth awash with warm spice."
Chef  reviews Roll pork sandwich at
Roll pork sandwich
"They bake their own baguettes, and the proportion of meat and veggie to bun is perfect: not too much meat, but still a big flavor bomb. Oh, and at about $3, it's cheap."

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