Nojo Ramen Tavern

$$Japanese, ModernHayes Valley, Civic Center
Mon closed
Tue 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Wed 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Thu 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Fri 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Sat 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Sun 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
231 Franklin St
San Francisco, CA94102
Call: 415.896.4587
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Ramen at
"I could probably pick ten of my favorite dishes just from the brilliant menu that Greg Dunmore and his staff come up with at this small izakaya spot in Hayes Valley. The richness of the complex shoyu broth in their ramen, plus the simplicity of the minimal number of elements in the soup, as well as the soup’s consistency, make it a Sunday brunch staple for me and my family."
Chef  reviews Chicken skin w/ sudachi salt & lemon at
Chicken skin w/ sudachi salt & lemon
"Chicken skin is such a tasty part of the chicken. Greg's is crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, and he skewers it in an interesting way before grilling it. There's a nice spice in the salt mix. It has a really concentrated flavor, almost like a nice chicken stock, with a lot of umami. I like it with a little potato shochu."
Chef  reviews Chawanmushi at
"Served in a cute Chinese soup cut with a lid, this silken egg custard is the work of chef Greg Dunmore, a true master. The sweet crab meat, the creamy egg custard, and the earthy mushrooms bring a burst of joy and pain (it's piping-hot) with each spoonful in your mouth."
Chef  reviews Tsukune w/ egg yolk sauce at
Tsukune w/ egg yolk sauce
"Greg's version is always moist, tender, and very tasty. The first thing you smell is the zest from the yuzu, a very nice touch. Then when you eat it, it has a nice, juicy chicken flavor. Dipping it in the egg yolk sauce brings out a little nutty character. It's so good paired with shochu."
Chef  reviews Steamed fresh edamame at
Steamed fresh edamame
"Nojo is a Sunday brunch staple for us. Everything on the menu is superb. Greg was kind enough to send this dish out last time we were in. It was seasoned with bamboo-aged sea salt, which takes on a smokey black color and faint earthy flavor from the bamboo. It was so good. Once you have fresh edamame, you can't go back!"

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