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557 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA94110
Call: 415.863.6800
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Coppiette at post.venue.name
"This pork jerky is made with Campari and is super interesting and really delicious. You certainly get the flavor of pork but also the bitterness of Campari and some notes of fennel that really come through, too."
Chef  reviews Veal casoncelli alla saltimbocca at post.venue.name
Veal casoncelli alla saltimbocca
"Veal saltimbocca is a sensory memory for me. The smell of veal, salty prosciutto, cheese, and sage melting together in a warm, brown veal sauce as one of my first food memories. I order it whenever I can find it, which is harder said than done these days. Locanda has made it their own by deconstructing it into a filled pasta. The flavors are still there to remind me of my childhood, but the addition of silky, delicate pasta successfully elevates this dish while keeping its rusticity."
Chef  reviews Fried Castelvetrano olives at post.venue.name
Fried Castelvetrano olives
"At Locanda on Valencia, the thing that gets me among a lot of great food is the fried olive bites. It's yum-yum. The perfect texture on the outside marries the salty, dreamy inside so well. Where is my glass of Italian Pecorino?"

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