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Chef  reviews Pani guttiau at
Pani guttiau
"Massimo and Lorella make you feel as if you are dining in their home. Their rustic cooking is spectacular! It's the ultimate feeling of Italian hospitality, and their dishes, like this crisp Sardinian flatbread, transport you back to Sardinia."
Chef  reviews Malloreddus a sa Campidanese at
Malloreddus a sa Campidanese
"Massimo's Senatore Cappelli wheat pasta with pork sugo is one of my all-time favorite dishes. When I was living in the neighborhood, La Ciccia was definitely my go-to spot and I'd order this dish every time I'd go in. It's one of those dishes that's peasant and traditional. The gnocchetti is the perfect carrier for the beautiful, bold flavors of the sugo. It balances out perfectly with the acidity from the tomato and the salty cheesiness from the Pecorino. It's warming, hearty, and comforting."
The Special Tripe Appetizer Dish
""This dish takes me back to my youth of eating my Grandmother Carolina's Menudo. Even though they're different dishes, the delicately braised tripe reminds me of how my grandmother's would just melt away, and Chef Massimiliano's delicious sauce complements the tripe perfectly. I always need a little extra bread for the sauce at the end.""
Chef  reviews Prupisceddu in Umidu at
Prupisceddu in Umidu
"The baby octopus is so tender and the sauce reminds me of my grandma. Make sure to get some bread to soak up the broth. This husband-and-wife team does an amazing job at making you feel at home and keeping to their roots. It's real Sardinian food."
Pasta Longa e su Nieddu de Seppia
"Unfortunately for me, La Ciccia and Lazy Bear are closed on the same days. But if some reason I'm ever off on a random day this is the first place I want to go. Everything on their menu is incredible, but this is my favorite. Fresh pasta with rich and squiddy (totally a word) sauce and the perfect amount of lemon zest. This is some last meal type of shit."

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