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510 Union St
San Francisco, CA94133
Call: 415.395.0939
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Chef  reviews Puerto Nuevo lobster at
Puerto Nuevo lobster
"This is a great meal—and it's even better than the original in Puerto Nuevo, Baja California! It's plenty for two to share—but, really, who wants to share?! And it comes with homemade flour tortillas, rice, beans, arbol chile salsa and cilantro butter."
Chef  reviews Hamburguesa at
"Fresh chuck is grounded up with roasted onions and bacon, all grilled and served with a big dollop of guacamole. It's the kind of burger that you want to find a quiet corner and tell everyone to leave you alone while you have a moment. Oh, the lobster fried in lard is worth the walk up the hill, too. *Please note this burger is only available on Wednesdays"

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