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307 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA94102
Call: 415.874.9661
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Reviews & Posts

Som Tom Poo
"This shredded green papaya salad with chili, tomato, lime, and taw crab was so spicy but so good; I was smiling through the tears! The soft sweet crab is a great foil for the limey, peppery, crunchy salad."
Pad see ew
"The noodles are super flavorful and the sauce is just the right amount of salty/sweet. For me they do everything right when it comes to rad nah, pad thai and duck larb. I still venture to the one near Polk Street."
Chef  reviews Nuer tod at
Nuer tod
"This is basically stir-fried beef jerky. My wife and I always branch out when ordering from this restaurant's huge and varied menu of delights, but we always end up with this and are never disappointed."
Chef  reviews Thai spicy shrimp paste tray at
Thai spicy shrimp paste tray
"This dish has raw and steamed vegetables with a really funky shrimp paste and fried mackerel. I like to eat this with a larb salad and then move on to the khao kha moo, which is pork with pickled mustard greens and hard-boiled eggs. This is a meal worth savoring!"
Chef  reviews Duck larb at
Duck larb
"Make your own crisp cabbage tacos filled with roasted duck and topped with fresh herbs, chillies, and toasted rice powder. There are so many great Thai dishes to order but this one rises above the rest. And they deliver!"