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501 6th St
San Francisco, CA94103
Call: 415.904.9888
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Phở tái chín at
Phở tái chín
"The phở at Turtle Tower isn't much of a secret. It's ridiculous, and I try my hardest to eat it at least once a week. The flavor of the broth here is always super clean and intense, and I love the flat noodles."
Chef  reviews Phở bò áp chảo nước at
Phở bò áp chảo nước
"I could eat here every day, and I always get the #6: phở bò áp chảo nước. There is something so healing about phở and they make a very different style here. I like this dish in particular because everything is seared in a wok before it goes into the broth, even the noodles. The broth is so clean to begin with but then takes on this charred, fatty richness that coats your palate."
Chef  reviews Chả cá tháp rùa at
Chả cá tháp rùa
"This is No. 14 on the menu here. They bring you a cast-iron pot with the catfish in it still sizzling in turmeric oil, plus tons of fresh dill and vermicelli noodles. You eat it with pickled onions, peanuts, and shrimp paste. My other pick would be their phở gà. It's so clean and such a remarkable soup—but everyone knows about it."
Chef  reviews Phở gà at
Phở gà
"This place is great for hangovers but also any chilly SF day. You can order it with white meat only, skin off, dark meat only, you name it! I get mine with the skin off, a side of rare steak and a fresh coconut water—and then put extra sriracha, chilies, and lemon in it."

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