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Reviews & Posts

Chef Maya Lovelace reviews  at
Bun Ca Ri Ga
"This is my favorite of HaVl's rotating soups. The broth is gently spiced, rich and creamy. The chicken is perfectly cooked on the bone, and the carrots, potatoes and perfectly cooked noodles are imbued with the broth's delicious essence."
Chef  reviews Country bread at
Country bread
"This is hands down the best bread in the Bay Area (and possibly in the entire country)! The crust is perfectly crusty while the inside is moist, a bit sour, deeply flavored, and encompasses the right amount of chew. This bread is just plain delicious. It makes for a perfect grilled cheese sandwich."
Chef Maya Lovelace reviews  at
Buttermilk bar
"THIS RIGHT HERE is my favorite donut in PDX. We have a lot of good ones, it's true, but this one owns my heart. Slightly tangy with buttermilk, tender inside with an almost impossible crunch on the outside, glazed simply... classics rule."
Chef  reviews Olive loaf at
Olive loaf
"Straight from the oven, this amazing loaf has a beautiful crunchy crust that is perfectly thin and shatters so delicately to expose the moist, almost custard-like interior, with an aroma blast of lemon, Herbes de Provence, and olive. I can never resist, so I always buy two, because only one will make it home."