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Reviews & Posts

Chef Daniel Patterson reviews Gibraltar at
"The best coffee roasters in the country run a cafe on the roof, in the sculpture garden at the SFMOMA—a stunning setting. Ask for a gibraltar, which has more milk than a macchiato and less than a cappucino—just the right amount. Make sure to get pastry chef Caitlin Freeman's gingerbread, too."
Chef Caitlin Freeman reviews English muffin and black coffee at Fayuca
Mexican | Modern
"Here's a diverting Friday afternoon activity: Make Saturday brunch plans. - If you're in Park Slope, those plans can include honeycomb and butter on a house-made English muffin."
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Chef Richie Nakano reviews Belgian-style wafel at
"This waffle is so simple, it's amazing how much flavor it has. They sprinkle sugar onto it as it cooks, and the sugar caramelizes into a sweet crust. When they hand it to you warm and wrapped in a coffee filter, the first bite is amazing. It's the perfect foil to a drip coffee or a gibraltar, and best enjoyed sitting at the counter catching up on emails or the day's news. My crew at the market is addicted to them."

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