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Reviews & Posts

Chef Daniel Patterson reviews Gibraltar at
"The best coffee roasters in the country run a cafe on the roof, in the sculpture garden at the SFMOMA—a stunning setting. Ask for a gibraltar, which has more milk than a macchiato and less than a cappucino—just the right amount. Make sure to get pastry chef Caitlin Freeman's gingerbread, too."
Chef Richie Nakano reviews Belgian-style wafel at
"This waffle is so simple, it's amazing how much flavor it has. They sprinkle sugar onto it as it cooks, and the sugar caramelizes into a sweet crust. When they hand it to you warm and wrapped in a coffee filter, the first bite is amazing. It's the perfect foil to a drip coffee or a gibraltar, and best enjoyed sitting at the counter catching up on emails or the day's news. My crew at the market is addicted to them."
Chef Caitlin Freeman reviews English muffin and black coffee at Fayuca
Mexican | Modern
"Here's a diverting Friday afternoon activity: Make Saturday brunch plans. - If you're in Park Slope, those plans can include honeycomb and butter on a house-made English muffin."
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