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55 Cyril Magnin St
San Francisco, CA94102
Call: 415.362.7456
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Reviews & Posts

Khao Soi Gai
"This dish is one of my go lunch items of all time. It fills you up with out putting you to sleep. It's warm and has a perfect balance of textures, sweet and spicy is perfect on a grey rainy San Francisco Day."
Chef  reviews Khao mun gai at
Khao mun gai
"This is a very straightforward and traditional take on a Chinese classic often seen in Bangkok's Chinatown. The execution here is perfect. The broth, the chicken fat rice and the chicken are all on point. One of the few Thai street-food dishes that has a very subdued flavor profile, without chili, lime and fish sauce, so all the components need to be executed well for the dish to work."
Chef  reviews Plah Pla Muek at
Plah Pla Muek
"There aren't enough good things I can say about this place! It's f-cking delicious. I love the flavor profiles of all of the dishes but the marinade or vinaigrette on this dish with rice is unbelievable."
Kua kling ribs
"Go for late night and order these ribs with a Singha and a "mellow corn" whiskey on the rocks. These ribs are so spicy and delicious. They transport me immediately to Thailand."
Sai ua
"Truly amazing Thai food at this eatery. I love food you assemble yourself. The sausage is hands down the best Thai sausage you can get in the city, and the fun of the dish is that you can play with the ratios of everything when you assemble it."
Chef  reviews Saeng-wah salad at
Saeng-wah salad
"This crispy catfish salad with prawns and raw vegetables is delicious. Pim has brought genuine Thai food to San Francisco, and Mike Gaines and I have had a chance to work alongside each other at Gary Danko. Kin Khao is conveniently located right next to Bourbon Steak and open late. Best Thai hands down, and I'll be hanging out there until they kick me out."