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499 Dolores St.
San Francisco, CA94110
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Reviews & Posts

"First off, I suck at taking pictures before I inhale my food. So this is what was left of my shitake dumplings, but that broth tho!!! Even after all that Soju, it's still sticks with me today, so rich and velvety."
Chef  reviews Gamja fries at
Gamja fries
"Perfect French fries plus a ton of tasty stuff on top. They are great topped with short rib, but the smarter move is to get them with no meat. That way, you can convince yourself it's just a snack and get more delicious things for actual lunch."
"A former sous chef at A16 turned me onto this simple and soulful dish. I order it every time I dine at Namu. They know it's a favorite of mine, along with the Dewazakura sparkling sake; I'm a predictable diner in that way. It comes with Napa cabbage, anchovy, ginger-soy dashi, bonito, and walnut."
Chef  reviews Kimchee fried rice at
Kimchee fried rice
"I like to tear up Namu Gaji's kimchee fried rice with a fried egg on top for my breakfast at the farmer's market, but they also have it at their restaurant in the Mission. This is the breakfast of champions. Ask for it with extra kimchee; it's worth the extra money!"