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3641 Balboa St
San Francisco, CA94121
Call: 415.831.9288


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Chef  reviews Dry fried chicken wings at
Dry fried chicken wings
"These are big, crispy, and super juicy drumettes tossed in what could be described as a soy-caramel sauce with lots of dried whole red chilies. They're salty, sweet, and spicy, hands down the best wings I've had in a long time. Whenever I go there for dinner, I always grab two orders to-go. I will make the drive from the opposite end of SF to get them; that's how good they are. The only bad thing is that I'm telling you about this and now the secret is out."
Savory soy milk
"I’m here twice a month and it’s become as much of a comfort food breakfast as fried eggs and toast. It has chopped up Chinese donuts, tiny dried shrimp and pickled mustard greens in a slightly thick, savory soy milk broth with chili oil. From what I understand, it's only available on weekend mornings. The xiao long bao are also the best in the area, by far!"

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