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1300 Stockton St
San Francisco, CA94133
Call: 415.982.6020


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Spicy Chili Crab
"Yuet Lee is my go to SF destination after a busy service. The crab is plucked from the tank and wok'd to perfection by the Chinese OG gangsters in the kitchen. Spicy, Salty, Naturally Sweet Dungeness..a couple Tsingtao's later and I'm ballin 🦀"
Chef  reviews Pepper and salt roast prawns at
Pepper and salt roast prawns
"On a cold, rainy day, the smell of the chilies, garlic and spiced salt toasting in the wok offers comfort to my soul. And the whole crispy prawns... Yes, please! They are sweet, succulent and mmmm so good. Those paired with a bowl of rice and garlicky pea tendrils equals a perfect lunch."
Chef  reviews Steamed sea bass at
Steamed sea bass
"A whole sea bass is plucked live from the tank and steamed, then topped with scallions, cilantro, soy sauce and a sizzling sesame/peanut oil. It's super fresh, tender and light, yet rich and satisfying. A favorite late night spot for chefs."

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