Nguyen Huong Food Company

$Bakery, AsianScarborough
5661 Steeles Ave. E.
Unit 1
Scarborough, ONM1V 5P6
Call: 416.292.8875
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Steve Gonzalez reviews Large spicy at
"Ask for a 'large spicy' and that's exactly what you get. Kick-ass flavours, perfect amount of heat, and its filling and delicious. This is all you need."
Chef David Chang reviews Bánh mì thịt nướng at
"Hands down, this is one of the best places to grab a cheap bite to eat. There are several bánh mì shops in Chinatown that I frequent, and honestly they're all great. You can't go wrong with a barbecue pork sandwich from Nguyen Hong."

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