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707 8th Ave S
Seattle, WA98104
Call: 206.264.8899


Reviews & Posts

Chef Seth Caswell reviews Taiwanese pork bun at
"I go in for their hot pot, but when I order, the server looks at me and says, "You want pork bun, right?" I always get it. It's like a meal in itself, but they do it right. They use fresh steamed buns, and the pork filling is good."
Chef Dalis Chea reviews Hot pot at
"This is the best $18 you can spend on a meal. Actually, it's not just a meal—it's a feast. You get to cook your own meats and vegetables in a choice of different spicy and non-spicy broths, but I suggest getting the spicy!"
Chef Eric Banh reviews Steamed duck at
"The steamed duck is served chilled and drizzled with a very complex 'dark' sauce. I'm pretty sure the sauce has a dried abalone flavor to it! It's just so darn juicy and savory."

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