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1117 12th Ave
Seattle, WA98122
Call: 206.709.7674
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Demi-poulet froid mayonnaise at
Demi-poulet froid mayonnaise
"I love that they serve half a roasted chicken that's been cooled down so you can eat it with a big bucket of mayonnaise. The best way to eat it is to pick out the bones and put a little mayo on it. It's just awesome."
Chef  reviews Assiette de charcuterie at
Assiette de charcuterie
"This comes with country ham, sausage, terrine, rillette, and tongue—the latter being my favorite. It's soft, has a good balance of flavor, and is consistently well-executed."
Chef  reviews Croque-madame at
"I think Presse is one of the most consistently solid restaurants in Seattle. It is just good every time, and I think they do such a great job. The Croque-madame is an example of the simple, great food they excel at."

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